Dr Hein Vandenbergh from Forestville writes:


“Dear Ian,


Just a quick note to let you know how much I and my patients enjoy and appreciate the working relationship we have established over the past years.


I consider you very much part of the team here which looks after our skin cancer patients, and your occasional clinical presence on-site while I’m operating on patients is appreciated by all.


Obviously, this would mean little if the rest were not up to scratch: your reports are a picture of clarity, diagnostically precise and to the point, and rarely of a vaccilatory nature – unless the (in)adequacy of my biopsies forces you to hedge your bets. As a clinician, of course, you have a great advantage over many histopathologists, and this is reflected in the nature and quality of your reports.


The service in terms of specimen pick-up and turnover-time, and the fascinating topical newsletters you provide for your referring doctors, are exemplary.


The most satisfying aspect of working with you, however, is your ready availability to discuss patients and reports, and your willingness to ‘go back’ and review slides in the light of further information which may be generated by those chats.


Once again, many thanks for your spontaneous team-spirit, and your utterly professional approach to providing accurate and user-friendly reports to doctors working in the frontline of our battle against the national Australian scourge.


With best regards,

Hein Vandenbergh”